Howdy ya’ll and welcome to my blog. My name is Robert Daniel Shepyer, I’m 22 years old, a college graduate, and a natural born artist. I was born in Hollywood California and moved to the San Fernando Valley, where I currently reside. Art and expression have been my life’s purpose since a very early age, growing up in a lower class immigrant enviornment and as a self proclaimed outsider inspired me constantly to create. I began as most artist’s do with drawing, making character designs in pen/pencil. These characters soon developed their own identities, backgrounds, and narratives. Narratology has become a neccesity in my work,  even myabstract work has its symbols and sutexts. As time went on and I interacted with other creative minds I began to find interest in cinema. Cinema is an art like no other, it captures literal time, space, people, setting, and ideas and immortalizes them into the fabric of culture. Thus my pursuit of filmmaking began, first by becoming a screenwriter. I’ve written nine feature length films that I am currently in the process of developing and marketing. Then second in making shorts, though the films are very amateur the process was more important than the product. Now I am currently working in distribution and production in the hopes of becoming part of the storytelling tradition I idolize.

My personal artistic goals are simple and many:

1) The Image: Federic Fellini, one of my major influences as an artist, said that he identifies himself most as a painter than anything. To him his job as a filmmaker meant “painting the frames”, this is my intention. I want to make image rich cinema, where color and contrast is just as powerful, if not more than character or story. Images do things that words and narratives cannot, they are the prime material of the reality we live in. What we percieve through sight, is what we identify as real. And so when one makes his images trademark and puts extra care in their creation what they are truly doing is making their own reality, their own cinematic universe. As a filmmaker moving the senses intrigues me more than fulfilling a story’s structure.

2) Youth: My art is directed toward youth, ages 16-25. This is such an integral age in development for a variety of reasons, here we develop our tastes, our identities, goals. The films I want to make are not only directed toward this audience but I want them to disregard anyone else, as if in conversation with a secret language only youth can understand. Youth are also unafraid of being flamboyant, with time we are so consumed by responsibility we lose the will to let loose.

3) Meditations on Art: Almost all my central characters are artists of some kind: Painters, directors, actors, musicians. I use them to share my autobiography and even further understand myself.